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 Ingeniously Simple EHR

"TexTALK MD is easy to learn, easy to use, readily adaptable, extremely fast and efficient. I have created over 80,000 records and continue to create more every day with TexTALK MD. I wouldn't go to the office without it!"



Appointment Scheduling to track schedules for multiple physicians.

Medical Billing that provides all the tools needed to manage the complicated reimbursement environment. 

Electronic claims are sent electronically are returned paid in 14 business days.  With electronic filing, you receive a report within 48 hours of all claims.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) can be received and electronically posted to the patient’s account with the click of the mouse.

Electronic patient bills can be sent, which allows for customized patient statements for practice management purposes.  Recall, reminder and delinquency letters can be produced.  This option saves time and money and increases the practice’s cash flow.

TexTALK MD PM creates a computerized copy of your specific Fee Ticket (Super Bill) saving time and money.  The fee ticket can be posted quickly and easily on the system.

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