Alma Information Systems
 Ingeniously Simple EHR

"TexTALK MD is easy to learn, easy to use, readily adaptable, extremely fast and efficient. I have created over 80,000 records and continue to create more every day with TexTALK MD. I wouldn't go to the office without it!"




State-of-the-art speech recognition technology that incorporates customized medical language models, ensures a high level of accuracy while dictating notes.

Intuitive speech commands that automate complex tasks, such as filling out forms and inserting boilerplate text.

User-friendly interface that is easy to learn and simple to use with little or no computer knowledge.

Customized templates for each physician will look and flow like the practice's current charting system

"Cloning" previously completed documents dramatically improves efficiency.

Patient charts can be faxed to referring physicians and insurance companies.

Scanning Module allows documents such as current charts, labs, x-rays and consults to be scanned directly into TexTALK MD Enterprise. Outside documentation can be scanned directly into a patient note for quick reference.


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